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Welcome to the Photo Art Exhibition

Dear art and photo friend - Welcome on my website.

My name is Gordon Zube and I am a photographer (obviously ). I love photography and it is my passion. Some photographer describe it with catching a moment... I would say I love it to catch beauty. Doesn't matter if big like an Elephant or small like an Ant.

The reason for this website is to give you the possibility to buy my exhibits even you can't visit the local exhibition itself. It is an addition to my local exhibitions and shall use the amazing possibilites of the 21th century.

Or maybe you visited my exhibition and you was unsure if you should buy the photo or not. And back at home you regret that you didn't bought it. Then you can visit this website and buy the picture later on.

I will offer in this shop as well photos which didn't found a place in the local exhibitions. If you like my work, then have a look. Maybe you'll find here another treasure for your home, office or any other place.

Every picture will be sold only one time and then never again. I will offer my customer an unique picture. Nobody else will have the same picture.

To start, just use the navigation bar above to visit my exhibits and other categories.

Enjoy the photographs and I hope you'll find the right one for you.


Best regards



Copyright notice: The copyright for all pictures on this website is own by the photographer Gordon Zube and protected by international law. It is not allowed to use the photographs in any way.


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